Mark Chen is the Resident Instructor at HCP. He teaches approximately half of the classes in the Learning Center. Mark is an accomplished photographer & educator. He has published several books on photo techniques, including: camera raw, composition, flash and wedding photography.

Mark was born in Taiwan in 1963. His interest in communicating through images started early in his teenage years but it would not be until his college years that Chen saw early success when his works were awarded in nationwide competitions. His first solo show was held in 1986 at Artists’ Cabin, Taipei. The local art critique hailed the show as a “refreshing breeze”.

Mark Chen’s migration to the US in 1990 refreshed his enthusiasm in landscape as he became inspired by America’s National Parks. In the year of 2000, he officially turned professional by operating Mark Chen Photography. In his path as a pro, he became an active member of Professional Photographer of America (PPA) and Wedding and Portrait Photographer International(WPPI). Mark Chen’s works were awarded in international competitions held by these two organizations in the year of 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. At year 2009, he was awarded commercial photographer of the year by Professional Photographer Guild of Houston(PPGH), a local branch of PPA.

Mark Chen’s enthusiasm in photography expanded to education, as he joined the staff at Houston Baptist University and Houston Community College. Certified by Adobe as an Photoshop Expert and Instructor, his footsteps covered all over the United States, training professionals in Photoshop conferences. Writing is Mr. Chen’s most recent endeavor, as his book Creative Wedding Album Design (2009), Unleashing the Raw Power of Adobe Camera RAW (2010), Ambient and Flash Technique for Wedding Photographers (2011) were published or to be published by Amherst Media.

Frequently Teaches

Before You Buy: Planning Your Photographic Purchase
Out of the Box: Using Your Digital Camera
How to Secure Your Files And Live Happily Ever After
Using Your Flash
Black & White Photography in the Digital Age
Photography I: Learning the Basics
Photography II: Beyond the Basics
Photography III: Hacking Your Camera
Composition I: From Good to Great
Lightroom I: From Import to Image Perfection
Lightroom II: Sharing Your Photographs
Lightroom Mobile: Perfection on the Go
Photoshop I: Getting Started
Photoshop II: Working with Layers
Printing Your Photographs I: The Basics
Printing Your Photographs II: Getting the Color Right
Printing Your Photographs III: Fine-Tuning & Experimenting with Inkjet Printing
Think BIG and Print LARGE
How to Put a Great Photo Into Words
Food Photography: Mouthwatering Compositions
Drone Photography: Out of the Box and Into the Sky
Architecture Photography: Shooting Space
High Dynamic Range Photography
Building a Studio on a Budget
Time-Lapse Photography
Video I – Capture, Edit and Share!
Project Incubator: A Photographic Mentoring Program