Picture This! is a 12-week community education program in which participants, grades 3-12, are introduced to photography as an ideal medium for creative expression; a way to convey a story, an idea, a moment in time.

Organized into five different modules, students participating in the program will: learn the importance of photography in communicating a message; understand the functioning of a camera; understand their place in the environment; and, learn to communicate their vision through exhibitions and public talks. HCP Instructors will provide continuous feedback and constructive critique to all the work created, offer assignments for students to work on their own time and provide examples from other photographers to provide inspiration and continue spark the students’ imagination. Throughout the program, students will search for their personal vision and will embark on the creation of a series of work that will be showcased upon the completion of the program.

Picture This! was originally developed and implemented at Texas Children’s Hospital in 2002. Since 2015, the curriculum has been further developed and successfully taught in schools and community centers around the greater Houston area such as HISD, SBISD, Wesley Community Center, Culture of Health Advancing Together to name a few.

To learn more about Picture This! and how you can be involved, please contact our Access and Community Education Associate (ACE) by e-mail below.

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