Focusing on Color

Have you ever wondered why specific colors can make you feel hungry or calm? Color theory is both the science and art of utilizing colors. It explains the perception of color and the visual effect of different colors, mixing, matching, and contrasting with each other.

In this new online class, HCP Instructor Laszlo Perlaky will teach you how to shape color by metering the light, using different reflectance of colors and color zones. Students will learn the physics of color, wavelength, spectral colors, and color of objects in Ultra-violet and Infra-red, color perception, color vision, color in the eye, and color in the brain. Perlaky will introduce students to color (RGB) digital sensors, monitors, RGB, and sRGB color spaces monitor calibration tools, and demonstrate color adjusting action files and show how color makes images pop!


Registration & Fees: $80
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Attention: This class is an Online Class. Please register as you normally would, and Houston Center for Photography staff will update you with a reminder and login information about a week before the start of the course. 

Students will need access to a desktop or laptop computer with an internet connection to participate in an online course. If you have any questions about navigating our new system, please email education@hcponline.org for more information.



Class meets ONLINE Sunday, September 26th
2 – 5 pm CT



What to Bring to Class

Access to a computer with an internet connection
Notebook and pen


Laszlo Perlaky