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Holocaust & Memory in Contemporary Photography

This history of the Holocaust continues to live on in our contemporary memory today, over 75 years after World War II. The stories resonate as reminders of what hatred can cause. Many artists have explored the history of the Holocaust to understand what happened and process the ways the world has recovered and learned from the atrocities of war and genocide.

In this course, students will be introduced to artists who approach the subject of the Holocaust through lens-based mediums and through the use of appropriating archival imagery. This online class will examine works of emerging and established artists and their different approaches to exploring the subject matter, including documenting the sites that remain and photographing survivors and others involved. Additionally, this class will explore questions such as, how are the narratives of the Holocaust being told? And what can we learn from looking at contemporary images of the sites that remain? And how are archival photos from pre-WWII utilized and appropriated to tell the narratives of the Holocaust? Over two class sessions, students will grow their visual language and understanding of photographic theory and expand their knowledge of art history.


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Class meets
Saturday, August 28th & Sunday, August 29th
1 - 3 pm CT


History/ Criticism, Seminar

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Access to a computer with an internet connection


Kelly Webeck