Large Format Film Cameras | Monday | 6-9 pm

The class will cover the techniques and art of Large Format Photography. Pre-visualizing and capturing landscape or plants or small details with a large format camera, using 4×5 or 8×10 film. The instructor, as a long-time large format photographer, will demonstrate and talk about a different types of field and studio cameras, tripods and other accessories and how can we use those on the fields. The instructor will bring his own large-format cameras and students will able to try the settings and will see how the shutters, apertures, viewfinders work.

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Suggested Reading:

The Joy of Photography, by Eastman Kodak Company
Photography, by Barbra London and John Upton
Understanding Photography, by Carl Shipman






Class meets Monday:
March 9th
6 - 9 pm




Laszlo Perlaky