Photo Filters for the Camera and for the Computer

Take your landscape photography to the next level using filters to create stunning results! Using filters, photographers can control the scene’s light and create specific effects, such as eliminating colors, reducing reflections, producing more balanced exposure, and shaping the movement in their photos!

In this new online class, HCP Instructor Laszlo Perlaky will show students how to see photographically. Additionally, students will learn how to make their photographs pop using camera lens filters and image processing software plug-ins. You will be introduced to examples of glass filters used for color and monochrome photography, polarizing, warming, color correcting filters, and specialty filters like variable neutral density, graduated filters, close-up, and softening effect filters. Perlaky will also show students his own glass filters and demonstrate computer filter effects.


Registration & Fees: $80
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Attention: This class is an Online Class. Please register as you normally would, and Houston Center for Photography staff will update you with a reminder and login information about a week before the start of the course. 

Students will need access to a desktop or laptop computer with an internet connection to participate in an online course. If you have any questions about navigating our new system, please email education@hcponline.org for more information.



Class meets Sunday, June 13th
2 – 5 pm CT



What to Bring to Class

Access to a computer with an internet connection
Notebook and pen


Laszlo Perlaky