Photography I for Smartphones

The ubiquity of smartphones means that most of us carry a sophisticated camera and digital lab with us at all times. This class is an introduction to the understanding of photography as technology, a medium of expression, and creative practice for photographers using a smartphone. It covers basic concepts and techniques: smartphone camera operation, exposure, composition, resolution, and image file preparation for on-screen and print use. Students will look closely at historically significant photographs to deconstruct visual composition and experience the pleasure of good pictures. Assignments will include both technical and creative exercises. Learn to shoot, edit, and share great content in this in-person course with Houston Center for Photography.


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  • Printing
  • Lightroom

Attention: This class is In-Person at Houston Center for Photography (1441 West Alabama, Houston, Texas 77006.)

As we reopen our doors to allow for in-person classes, we used CDC recommendations and museum guidelines from the State of Texas to create our reopening policies and procedures. Please see here for more information about HCP’s Health & Safety Protocols. 

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Class meets four Wednesdays:
September 1st, 8th, 15th, & 22nd
6 - 8 pm CT


Capture, Smartphone Photography

What to Bring to Class

Pen and Paper


Lou Benjamin