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Redefining the Medium of Photography

The contemporary landscape of the medium of photography has been transforming and expanding in recent years. Artists today are changing the way that photographs are created, seen and interacted with in galleries and beyond. In this 1 hour lunchtime session you will learn about a number of courses taught by photographer and visual arts educator, Kelly Webeck at Houston Center for Photography’s learning center. This session will introduce participants to examples of artists who push the boundaries of what photography is and can be. You will be introduced to the content that is covered in courses like Stitched: A Contemporary Look at Photography and Textiles, Photography in Public Spaces as well as others that are on the upcoming spring calendar!

This FREE online workshop is provided by Houston Center for Photography, a non-profit gallery, educational space, and publisher in Houston, Texas, in collaboration with Precision Camera, a premier online and brick-and-mortar retailer and photo lab based in Austin Texas. Together through our online partnership, we will be bringing you virtual workshops spanning the creative to the technical to ensure you can keep telling your story no matter where you find yourself.

Registration & Fees: FREE



Class meets ONLINE
Friday, February 11 from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CT


Process, Writing

What to Bring to Class

Access to a computer with an internet connection

Sketchbook suggested


Kelly Webeck