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Studio Lighting: Portraiture

This class will go over studio lighting and shooting techniques as they apply specifically to studio portraiture. A variety of lighting scenarios will be explored emphasizing the use of light and shadow to convey emotion, mood, and capture depth of facial features. Students are encouraged to incorporate various poses, make-up, clothing, and settings, and to evaluate various lighting scenarios to determine the best lighting setup for their work.

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Suggested Prerequisite(s):
  • Photography I and II

Suggested classes to continue education:
  • Photoshop
  • Fine Art Printing
  • Seminar: Developing Your Photographic Voice
  • Advanced Portraiture





Class meets one Sunday:
March 3rd


Capture, Present

What to Bring to Class

Digital Camera with 'Manual' Mode
Flash-drive (or external hard drive)
Notebook and pen
Three of your best portraits


Mark Chen