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Wet Plate Collodion: Ambrotypes and Tintypes

Learn the Wet Collodion Process in this two day hands-on workshop. Invented in 1851, this silver based process was widely used throughout the 1850s and 1860s. It has recently enjoyed a comeback with photographic artists interested in historic processes. Each image is handmade by pouring the collodion mixture onto metal or glass plates and placing them into a bath of silver nitrate to be sensitized. The plates are exposed in camera while still wet then developed and fixed in a darkened environment. The metal plates are commonly known as ‘tintypes’ and are direct positives. The glass plates (which are negatives) are backed by black velvet to create a positive image known as an ambrotype. During this seminar, students will learn the history, process, and practice of making wet plate collodion. Each student will have the opportunity to make at least two images from start to finish.

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Attention: This class is In-Person at Hardy & Nance Studios (902 Hardy St, Houston, TX 77020.)

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Class meets on two consecutive days:
Saturday, November 13th and Sunday, November 14th
11 am – 4 pm CT


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Hardy & Nance Studios
902 Hardy St
Houston, TX 77020 United States


Laura Burlton