Caroline Rumley
Right Turn

The majority of my current work requires locating and reconceptualizing stories stemming from incidences related to last year’s election. Whereas over a year ago I made a film about gun violence as its relates to police shootings, last month a made a film about gun violence against people of color in the wake of the new government. Some of the work incorporates found footage, but to add my own stamp and to better control the aesthetics, I most often reframe the videos, shooting the films off the computer screen. I gather stories posted online as a springboard for some of the work, collaging them together with the archival footage and also with my own camerawork. Sexual harassment, xenophobia, right extremism, an encroaching police state – it all relates to this one thing, the changing of the political guard, and it’s all there in these short format poetic films.

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What a Difference
Open Season
November 9th (Upon Waking)
Shoes Without Feet


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May 11-July 8, 2018