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HCP’s Access and Community Education (ACE)

HCP believes that everyone can benefit from the creative and imaginative aspects of photography. As an important means of self-expression, it can strengthen participants’ sense of self and develop confidence and competence creatively and professionally in individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of arts exposure. HCP is committed to lifelong learning through photography and seeks to educate the community about its history and process as well as the ways in which photography can be used as a tool for personal and community expression.

HCP’s Access and Community Education (A.C.E.) programs build community and support the organization’s mission of educating and inspiring the public with the art and practice of photography. These programs, which include Picture This!, Girls’ Own Stories, and Collaborations stem from an understanding of the camera as a tool for empowerment. HCP’s A.C.E. programs meet individuals where they are, and our Teaching Artists validate their unique lived experiences through diverse curriculum tailored to the needs of each site we visit. Currently, Teaching Artists work in medical settings, including Texas Children’s Hospital, as well as schools and community centers like St. Stephen’s Episcopal School and Wesley Community Center.