Guantanamo: If the Light Goes Out

Edmund Clark has been awarded the 2009 International Photography Award by the British Journal of Photography for this work. Soon, the book of Guantanamo: If the light goes out will … Continued

Photos Souvenirs

Photo Souvenirs is a body of work that traces three phases of life: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Comprising 45 images in all, each phase consists of 15 images which are … Continued

Collaborations VII: Portraits of Self

Each year HCP sponsors a non-competitive educational outreach program called Collaborations. Now in its seventh year, Collaborations VII is a celebration of photography which encourages collaboration and teamwork amongst Houston-area … Continued

Photo Opportunities

For most, to sightsee is to photograph. Embarking on treasure hunts to tourist destinations renowned for monuments of grandeur, we pursue the extraordinary. Framing sites of mass tourism in our … Continued

Borrowed Dreams

On a recent visit to Lorna Bieber’s studio a friend looked at me and asked, “Where have I seen that before?” I suggested that he saw it on the exhibition … Continued

The Lure of Cartography

Whereas “cartography,” the discipline of producing geographical maps, is fairly precise, “mapping” is exquisitely polysemic. “Mapping” has meanings in neuroscience, mathematics, genetics, robotics, marketing, Googling, GPSing, etc. During the age … Continued