The Age of Self Publishing

CAROLINE DOCWRA, HCP’S PROGRAMS ASSISTANT, RECENTLY ORGANIZED AND ASSEMBLED HCP’S FIRST SELF-PUBLISHED CATALOGS. BELOW SHE COMMENTS ON THE EXPERIENCE AND SELF-PUBLISHING IN GENERAL There’s a huge misconception that books are a dying art. Even though the Kindle is the new black, self-publishing gives new hope to the future of books and other printed publications. With … Continued

Collaborations VIII: Pick Your Battles

For the months of October through April, HCP welcomed sixteen high school students from eight different schools that were to become part of the eighth Collaborations program. They came to HCP every two weeks to meet with artists, photographers, and HCP staff. They were able to share their work-in-progress and learn tips of the photography … Continued

Interview with Catherine Wagner

Catherine Wagner’s newest series – Reparations– was first inspired by a personal injury. The final typology represents and questions much more. For over thirty years, Catherine Wagner has been observing the built environment as a metaphor for how we construct our cultural identities. She’s examined institutions as various as art museums and science labs, the … Continued

On Road Trips, Right Decisions, And Seeking That Really Fantastic Image

Eric Hancock: Your most recent series of work isbased on road trips that you’ve primarily taken through the south, southwest, and western regions of the United States. The images follow a tradition initiated by Robert Frank, Stephen Shore, and William Christenberry with important variations. For instance, the image Meal from your Nearly West series makes … Continued

Eugenia Parry Dishes To Susie Kalil

Parry speaks candidly about the writing process and the extraordinary artists who provide inspiration. Susie Kalil: For over four decades, you’ve written about the works and lives of other artists. I’d like this interview to focus on your instincts and experiences – the writing process, your relationship with editors and publishers. Most I important, I’d … Continued

Clifford Owens: Performer/Audience/Dynamics

At the opening of his solo exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston in January 2011, Clifford Owens presented Photographs with an Audience, a live participatory performance that set the Houston art world abuzz. This was the third iteration of the work which was previously performed in New York and the University of North Carolina, … Continued

Between Staged and Documentary

Artist Barbara Probst and MFAH’s Assistant Curator of Photography Yasufumi Nakamori met in the artist’s studio in Chinatown, New York City on Monday, May 16, 2011. From her 11th floor studio of a pre-war building, facing north, one could see a complex and expansive skyline of Manhattan. Much of her thinking and shooting takes place … Continued