From Darkroom to Street Kitchen

David Robinson’s breakthrough series began by chopping mushrooms. David Robinson’s new series of luminograms furthers his long-standing interest in the alchemic mysteries of the photographic process. These beautifully intricate, playful and at times surreal works evoke other worlds, full of magic, menace and a mischievous sense of humour. We met in his London studio, to … Continued


David Politzer 2012 Carol Crow Memorial Fellowship Winner David Politzer’s photographs look at nature with a sense of humor but with a sense of longing too. It’s not a longing for nature itself as much as it’s a longing for nature to have a more profound meaning to us. There’s nothing “red of tooth and … Continued

Osamu James Nakagawa, Banta Cliffs + Gama Caves

I was first introduced to the cliffs and caves of Okinawa on the floor. In 2010 Osamu James Nakagawa brought prints ofBanta Cliffs and Gama Caves to the MFAH. As he unrolled what appeared to me to be massive textured abstractions he started to tell the story of the cliffs, his experiences photographing and the … Continued

The Love Doll

Since the 1970s, Laurie Simmons’ photographic eye has focused on the manufactured bodies of dolls and ventriloquist dummies in a range of domestic settings from dollhouses to actual rooms in her home. She has recently completed The Love Doll, a series of photographs featuring a life-sized sex doll from Japan sitting, standing, and even swimming … Continued

On Photographic Manipulators and Techno-gadgetry

On photographic manipulators, techno-gadgetry and endless choices – April Rapier and Roy Flukinger discuss a medium in constant transitionRoy and I met in 1984 at a regional SPE conference in Amarillo; I pushed my way to his highly sought-after review table, and we’ve been artistic co-dependents and friends ever since, and continue to co-author (from … Continued

Compulsion and La Petite Mort

Alex Prager’s Subversive Narratives In April 2012, Alex Prager presented her newest series, Compulsion, as well as her most recent film, La Petite Mort, at galleries in Los Angeles, New York, and London. On the occasion of that show, Prager spoke at her studio about her native Los Angeles, her thoughts concerning the women in … Continued