Spotlight: 34th Annual Juried Membership Exhibition

This exhibition highlights works by 40 artists—all members of Houston Center for Photography—selected on an international scope from 190 submissions, for the institution’s 34th Annual Juried Membership Exhibition. The exhibited works demonstrate strength, criticality and diversity in the members’ artistic pursuits, and engage with a wide range of themes, from reinterpreting/revising personal or collective histories … Continued

Libyan Sugar: Michael Christopher Brown Book Review

As I write this, UK citizens head to the polls to decide upon the Brexit. Fear pulses through the air like a wifi signal, as immigrants and refugees are literal poster children for the “Leave” campaign. Contemporaneously, members of the US Congress are sitting down, on the floor, to protest the legal loophole which allows … Continued

KayLynn Deveney

I met KayLynn Deveney about a decade ago and immediately liked her; she is smart and unpretentious, which is also a good way to describe her work. She is focused, driven, and not overly concerned with how her work will be received, only that it meets her own high standards. KayLynn lives in Northern Ireland … Continued

Presenting the Photobook

This past March, artists, curators, and writers travelled to Houston to immerse themselves in photography for FotoFest’s biennial. I reviewed the work of hundreds of artists from all over the world in the month-long portfolio review sessions. During these meetings, several things stayed with me, one being the prominence of the photobook. Books were presented … Continued

Bearing Witness to Erika Diettes’ “Memento Mori”

Memento Mori translates as “remember that you must die”.” It is more of an admonition here than a proposition to consider some still lifes associated with death. It serves as a strong title for this two volume set of books from the Colombian artist, Erika Diettes. These are part memorial, part history, part invitation to recognize … Continued

A Conversation with Raymond Meeks

Raymond Meeks (b. 1963) is widely known and well respected as photographer and book-maker who has published over twenty photobooks in a wide range of formats since 2009. In the Orchard Journal series (2010 – 2011) published with Silas Finch, Meeks produced three collaborative books intertwining his work with that of Wes Mills, Mark Steinmetz … Continued

Project B and the Vernacular Photobook: An Interview with Barbara Levine

AD: Barbara, tell me a little bit about your background and how you came to work with the found image and the book form. BL: Like many people, I’ve always loved books and libraries and looking at other people’s pictures. My mother and grandmother went antiquing often (and I went with them) and the shops always had … Continued

A Walking Conversation with John Gossage

John Gossage kindly met with me in early June for a conversation held both in his Washington, D.C. apartment (which doubles as a world-class photobook library) and on a picture-making walk nearby. TC: Thanks for agreeing to photograph during part of our talk. I’m excited for that. JG: It’s actually the real goods as opposed to the … Continued