Spring 2012 SPOTlight

Everywhere we look today, we see photographic images. They are on our phones, computers, TV screens, as well as countless books, magazines, billboards, posters and, believe it or not, they … Continued

Interview: Ben Ruggiero with Chris Wiley

Ben Ruggiero And Chris Wiley Discuss How A Discarded Piece Of Glass Led Ben To Photographically Revisit Frederic Edwin Church And American Romanticism CHRIS WILEY: Your series After Icebergs With … Continued

The Theater of War or La Petite Mort

Tim Hetherington, photojournalist and filmmaker, was killed in Misrata on April 20th, 2011 while covering the civil war in Libya. Shortly before his death, Hetherington’s friend and colleague, Stephen Mayes, … Continued