Spring 2012 SPOTlight

Everywhere we look today, we see photographic images. They are on our phones, computers, TV screens, as well as countless books, magazines, billboards, posters and, believe it or not, they even reside in our cameras. Last year, an article in the The Wall Street Journal reported that Creative Writing is the number one MFA program … Continued

On Redwoods, Spaghetti Westerns and other American Myths

BEVIN BERING DUBROWSKI: Aaron, this interview intends to focus on your own work as a photographer rather than your curatorial and editorial projects; what are you working on now? AARON SCHUMAN: Photographically, I’m working on a project called Redwoods, which I started about a year ago. A friend of mine in England, a tree surgeon, … Continued

Interview: Ben Ruggiero with Chris Wiley

Ben Ruggiero And Chris Wiley Discuss How A Discarded Piece Of Glass Led Ben To Photographically Revisit Frederic Edwin Church And American Romanticism CHRIS WILEY: Your series After Icebergs With a Painter consists of a collection of cyanotype photograms and traditional photographs – taken both in the studio and out in the landscape – and … Continued

Interview: Stephen Shore and Tarek Al Ghoussein

n November, Stephen Shore and Tarek Al-Ghoussein conversed about their recent work made in Abu Dhabi. Over a 4-month period, Shore, assisted by Al-Ghoussein, led a series of workshops with 10 emerging Emirati photographers. Both discuss Emirati Expressions, their newest series, and their experiences as educators (Al-Ghoussein is also the Professor of Photography at American … Continued

A Reflection of Life Itself From Within the Seed

Photographer Dornith Doherty has been working for more than three years on her series, Archiving Eden, a photographic project using individual seeds as its most basic subject. Working in collaboration with the national Center for Genetic resources Preservation in Colorado, the Millennium Seed Bank in England, and the Carestream Molecular Imaging in Connecticut, Doherty traveled … Continued

The Theater of War or La Petite Mort

Tim Hetherington, photojournalist and filmmaker, was killed in Misrata on April 20th, 2011 while covering the civil war in Libya. Shortly before his death, Hetherington’s friend and colleague, Stephen Mayes, talked with him about his fascination for the front line and what it had taught him about masculinity, aggression and war. Tim Hetherington won the … Continued