Spring 2013 SPOTlight

ANNE MARIE D’ARCY, WINNER OF THE 2013 CAROL CROW MEMORIAL FELLOWSHIP I find the portraits by Houston photographer Anne Marie D’Arcy astonishing. First of all, they are facilely done; the … Continued

Sleight of Hand

Oscar Muñoz is a Colombian artist whose work has been recognized internationally. Represented in the U.S. by Sicardi Gallery, Houston, director Maria Ines Sicardi, and associate Ximena Gama, who currently … Continued

Hot Guys, Hot Girls

Photographer Brian Finke is known for his pictures of groups – of flight attendants, bodybuilders and cheerleaders – and his latest project focuses on construction workers. Construction was recently on … Continued

New Southern Photography

During the past year, Richard McCabe – the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s curator of photography – has implemented an aggressive exhibition program that is quickly transforming the New Orleans … Continued

Meticulous Worker Masses of Stuff

Libbie and Amy meet up for an interview, and Libbie has brought questions on flash cards, which Amy draws randomly, one at a time. Libbie Masterson: Pick one. CARD 7 … Continued

From the Editors

Photography publications have changed dramatically since spot was first released thirty-two years ago. The obvious reason, one, is because so much information that was previously printed can be found online. … Continued