Spring 2013 SPOTlight

ANNE MARIE D’ARCY, WINNER OF THE 2013 CAROL CROW MEMORIAL FELLOWSHIP I find the portraits by Houston photographer Anne Marie D’Arcy astonishing. First of all, they are facilely done; the composition and lighting are fine. The models have exceptional ease and comfort in front of the camera. The notion that a group of turbaned Sikhs … Continued

Sleight of Hand

Oscar Muñoz is a Colombian artist whose work has been recognized internationally. Represented in the U.S. by Sicardi Gallery, Houston, director Maria Ines Sicardi, and associate Ximena Gama, who currently resides in Bogota, Colombia, recently talked with artist Oscar Muñoz concerning his recent installation Editor Solitario in order to uncover some of the influences behind … Continued

Hot Guys, Hot Girls

Photographer Brian Finke is known for his pictures of groups – of flight attendants, bodybuilders and cheerleaders – and his latest project focuses on construction workers. Construction was recently on display at ClampArt Gallery in Chelsea, and available in print from DECoDE Books. Brian and I talked recently about his projects over drinks in Brooklyn. … Continued

New Southern Photography

During the past year, Richard McCabe – the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s curator of photography – has implemented an aggressive exhibition program that is quickly transforming the New Orleans venue into a powerhouse of cutting-edge and classic photography. Focusing on recent acquisitions and a growing collection, McCabe’s fluid exhibitions feature several artists at any … Continued

Meticulous Worker Masses of Stuff

Libbie and Amy meet up for an interview, and Libbie has brought questions on flash cards, which Amy draws randomly, one at a time. Libbie Masterson: Pick one. CARD 7 Amy Blakemore: “What do you want your work….” I can’t read this “…to leave people with?” Impression? LM: When I am working, I think about … Continued

From the Editors

Photography publications have changed dramatically since spot was first released thirty-two years ago. The obvious reason, one, is because so much information that was previously printed can be found online. Online publications have visually struggled though – the information, in the past, was often jumbled and cluttered. The pristine printed page could not be rivaled … Continued