Nurturing Time

Bevin Bering Dubrowski: Hi David—it’s a pleasure to finally talk to you about your work with Spot in mind! One of the first things I want to talk about within your series is your use of the box. It provides a unifying element in most of the images and also serves as a formal container … Continued


Ryan Bush’s series of 3-D multiple-exposure photographs, titled Visions: Photographs from Another World, will be shown at HCP from February to April 2015. Kathryn Dunlevie sat down with Ryan to find out more about the series. (Images are best viewed with red/blue 3-D glasses.) Kathryn Dunlevie: Let’s start with the title, could you say more about … Continued

Art Schools and Collective Spage

8-channel installation at the end of the year. She studied at the International Center of Photography in New York and the Royal College of Art in London. Allen Frame: Is the reference to “progress” in your title Art in Progress ironic? By showing these artists’ studios in contemporary art schools, it’s almost as though you’re saying that … Continued

Dario Robleto

Dario Robleto, an artist with a layered, multivalent practice, is not known as a photographer, so it was a bit of a surprise that SPOT asked us to do this interview. As we prepare to chat about the use of photography in his practice, Robleto returns from the third day of installation for his solo … Continued