Photographing the Unseeable: A review of Alejandro Cartagena’s Before the War

There is much that cannot be seen or found in Mexico. While the Mexican Drug War has taken a very visible toll on families and the cultural landscape across the country, there exists a clandestine coalition of corrupt law enforcement and drug cartels that have created an invisible community often referred to as Mexico’s disappeared, … Continued

Six Edward Weston Portraits of Esperanza Velasquez Bringas (1896-1980)

In the late nineties, the Center for Creative Photography in Arizona, which possesses the most important Edward Weston archive and collection, acquired from María Luisa de Gortari, a Houston resident, six 8×10-inch negatives. The negatives were portraits that Weston made of Esperanza Velásquez Bringas, a very important Mexican essayist, feminist and human rights activist of the 1920s. … Continued

Humble Origins

Viewing, sharing, editing, curating, and making photography online today is a magical, many-headed beast. In a little over a decade, now regarded as light years in internet time, photography’s online representation has evolved from a handful of academic bloggers, blogging communities, and bare-bones magazines to hundreds, if not thousands of applications and “content” engines for … Continued

5 for 5

Social, political, and cultural issues are at the heart of curatorial projects by Dean Daderko, Curator at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, and the Austin-based INGZ Collective–Uchenna Itam, Julia Neal, Rebecca Giordano, and Natalie Zelt. The following exchange—in which Daderko and INGZ each pose five questions to the other—reveals how these issues are manifested in … Continued

On the Future of Photography Curating: An Interview with Sasha Wolf

Judging by the frequent essays, articles, and roundtable discussions about the future of photography, it isn’t an issue with an easy or fast resolution. With its historically interdependent relationship with technology, the medium might be forever condemned to a state of flux. That doesn’t stop the conversation from rousing passionate souls. Sasha Wolf is undoubtedly … Continued

Curating the Imperfect

The subtitle “Photographs to electrify you with delight and startle the world” is an alluringly contemporary introduction to London’s Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition of 19th century photographer Julia Margaret Cameron. Curated by the museum’s curator of photographs Dr. Marta Weiss, the exhibition features highlights from the V&A’s collection of Cameron’s works and related ephemera and … Continued

Re-Vision: Anne Wilkes Tucker Reflects on the Curatorial Endeavor

This article was conducted summer 2015, just before Anne’s retirement. Allison Pappas: Preparing for this interview, I’ve been thinking about the idea of “re-vision .” With your retirement this summer, there will be any number of occasions—and in fact they’ve already begun—where you’ll be called upon to look back over your career and reflect on the … Continued