In Memoriam: My Dinner with Walker

PAUL D. CHAPMAN 1953-2017 It was 1973 and I was a junior at Rice enrolled in Geoff Winningham’s Introduction to Photography class. In October we took a field trip to … Continued

Spotlight: 2018 Fellowship Winners

CAROLYN DRAKE 2018 HCP FELLOWSHIP WINNER INTERNAT Carolyn Drake’s Internat project centers on her long-term engagement with girls – now young women – interred in a former Soviet orphanage in the Ukraine. … Continued

A Dangerous Nostalgia

When Eric Gottesman and Hank Willis Thomas created For Freedoms in 2016, no one could have been prepared for the magnitude of the political upheavals we have been experiencing. Since … Continued

Traveling Through the Dark

I met Curran in a dark bar in Manhattan after a talk he gave at Higher Pictures in 2015. I was in the unsteady midst of my grad school experience. … Continued

Ange Ong: Hong Kong Café

Ange Ong’s Hong Kong Cafe explores the specific cultural exchange that occurred as a result of British colonialism in her native country. Growing up, Ange was a regular of Hong … Continued

From the Editor

If you’re on our mailing list, you’ve likely received a little green envelope with the words “Community through Photography” on it. As a community-based organization, HCP prides ourselves on our … Continued