Reflecting on COVID-19 and Togethering One Year Later

Houston Center for Photography’s virtual exhibition, Togethering, now over one-year-old, invited a global community to submit photographs which documented the then-unprecedented times experienced during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The images capture the isolation, anxiety, and paranoia we felt as we experienced a global shutdown. In the time stuck at home,  we created worlds … Continued

Neuromantic: An Interview with Ana Vallejo

This past year filled with social distancing and quarantines has destabilized and, for most, reshaped the way we live and relate to others. For many living alone through the COVID-19 pandemic, it wasn’t until the promise of the various vaccines that we could even dream of the hug of a loved one, or even more … Continued

Papi, Papi, Papi | Oli Rodriguez

“Papi, Papi, Papi” is an excerpted prologue from Oli Rodriguez’s artist book Papi recently published by Candor Arts. In Papi, Rodriguez revisits the eighties and nineties era of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The book incorporates photography, video performance, and dialogues between queer Latino communities and those ravaged by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Rodriguez’s project started as a … Continued

Hard Breath V.2 | Artist Logan Bellew in Conversation

In January 2019, Logan Bellew enrolled in a monoclonal antibody study to test a new way of treating HIV. Logan asked me to join him for one of these treatment sessions to help document the experience and act as a participant. Seeing the machines and tubes and glove-covered hands treat my friend with such care … Continued

Be Hopeful They Are Queer | Derrick Woods-Morrow

In the Spring of 2019, Derrick Woods-Morrow, self-coined activist-deviant-scholar, and artist, brought together a group of friends to collaborate with him on an experimental performance titled Box 64: Acts of Boyhood Divination. The guidelines for some of the interactions that would take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago were printed on a … Continued


Shannon Crider Shannon Crider is a visual artist and art administrator based in Houston, TX. Crider earned her MFA in Printmedia from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In addition to her artistic practice, Crider serves as the Education Director at Houston Center for Photography. Max Fields Max Fields is the Associate Curator … Continued

From the Editor

Inspired by the themes presented in Pacifico Silano’s solo exhibition, Cowboys Don’t Shoot Straight (Like They Used To), at Houston Center for Photography, the Spring 2021 issue of spot includes a series of interviews and essays from artists and curators reflecting on health, community, and connection. Silano’s exhibition features large-scale, photo-based installations, utilizing imagery sourced … Continued