Collector’s Spotlight: Frazier King

As Houston Center for Photography embarks on its Annual Print Auction, which will take place on February 13, 2020, I spoke with Houston-based collector, Frazier King, about his evolving photography collection, its showing in the 2012 FotoFest Collector’s Eye II exhibition, his upcoming book-release, and the constructed image at-large. Erin Miller: Could you tell me … Continued

Spotlight: 2019 Center Annual Beth Block Memorial Honoraria Recipients

Right now, people are making images and uploading them to online image-sharing platforms such as social media at the rate of more than a trillion photographs each year. This number is so astounding that it’s worth pausing and thinking about for a moment: 1,000,000,000,000. If that number isn’t terrifying enough, consider that Americans devote an … Continued

The Constructed Self: An Interview with Karen Navarro

I was introduced to Karen Navarro’s photographs before the I met the artist herself. I was invited to jury Houston Center for Photography’s Learning Curve 11 in September 2018. I had nearly completed reviewing all of the photographs submitted by students who had taken classes or workshops at HCP’s Learning Center when I encountered Karen’s … Continued

An Interview with Leonard Suryajaya

Photographer, Leonard Suryajaya and I have not met before, but have many friends in common, including Farah Al Qasimi, who will be exhibiting at Houston Center for Photography this November and who attended the Skowhegan residency with Leonard in 2017. This summer, I talked with Leonard about his time at Skowhegan, his upbringing, and his … Continued

Hidden in Translation

Right now, Hadi’s works are large, later he’ll say they’re nearly the size of a person–his person or a person like him. When I first met Hadi a few years ago, he was working through a hyper-layered chance-based darkroom technique, a repositioning of the photograph in color at a scale relational to a human or … Continued

On artist Arash Fewzee

“My final prayer: O my body, make of me always a man who questions!” Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks   Iranian-born and New York-based artist, Arash Fewzee, offers a unique practice through which experimentations on photography unearth urgent questions regarding the medium, it’s history, invisible labor, and the structures surrounding our systems of value. … Continued


a collaboration between friends made in times of uncertainty and change   I’ve had the strange feeling lately that I’m growing.   Not quite “up,” as the arboreal saying goes, but somewhere something is stirring. It’s a nagging distractedness and a pleasurable one at that. I don’t mind it, figuratively or literally. In fact, if … Continued

Touching, Pinching, Caring

Ruth van Beek is not a photographer, but the feelings and logics of photography linger in her collage like stubborn specters. Photographs serve a utilitarian purpose outside of art contexts—they are images meant to be functionally interpreted. For van Beek, photographs are strange and beloved objects—she collects them, sorts them, arranges them, touches them. In … Continued

A Cut Above: Artist Daniel Gordon in Conversation

Brooklyn based artist Daniel Gordon is having a moment:  Since the early aughts, he and his work have gained a steady following among curators and collectors. He is known for his inventive creative process that toggles back and forth between digital and analog photography.  Always redefining the medium of photography, his work defies simple categorization, … Continued


Yasi Alipour The Iranian artist based in Brooklyn, Yasi Alipour, explores issues of hegemony within a wider Middle Eastern context. Her research-based practice spans sculpture, installation, performance, drawing, folding, writing, lectures, and experimentation—probing personal history to parse issues around political instability and interrupted histories. Alipour holds an MFA from Columbia University, a BFA from the School … Continued