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Words & Pictures: Surfaces for Feelings

Words & Pictures is pleased to present an online panel discussion in conjunction with our fall exhibition, Keeper of the Hearth: Picturing Roland Barthes’ Unseen Photograph. This event will dive into the enduring magic and lure of vernacular photography—the ordinary, everyday snapshots that we make, keep, collect, store, and cherish. Moderated by Mexico and Texas-based artist, vernacular collector, and author Barbara Levine, the panel will share personal stories and insights, engaging in conversation about photographic objects as social history and personal archives; how we engage with old amateur photographs and what they do to us; how and why we still make family pictures; and the daily personal rituals of image-making and sharing. All linked back to Roland Barthes’ famous unseen snapshot of his mother Henriette at age five, known as the Winter Garden photograph.

To learn more about the guests, please visit our event page here.